Middelburg Country Club

Find below a layout and description of Middelburg Country Club. (If you want to download this information in a more printable format click on this link – Middelburg Country Golf Course layout)

Middelburg Country Club Golf Course layout

Welcome to Middelburg Country golf course, we really hope you will enjoy your round of golf today on our beautiful par 72 course which is measured 6556m.

Hole 1: Par 4, 392m, stroke7

Starting off your round of golf today with a nice easy par 4 which for the non-golfers could be a nightmare if you don’t play much, this par 4 is a dogleg left which is slightly down hill after the 150m marker which is in-line with the blind bunker on the left for all the guys that draw but what ever you do don’t push if right towards the houses and driving range which is fenced with out of bounds (OB). Your line for the hole is middle of the fairway or for the big hitters grab the big dog and let it rip on the opening hole over the bunker with a draw and you’ll be a 100m out of the green which has another bunker on the front right of the green. Hit the green for two take a good read and you could be off with a birdie.

Hole 2: Par 5, 470m, stroke 17

This easy par 5 should guaranty a birdie if you play it safe, a slight dogleg uphill left which has two bunkers on the left before the 200m and one blind bunker on the right which shouldn’t come in play, keep the tee shot right of the bunkers on the left and let the natural slope bring the ball close to the bunkers if your ball stays on the right don’t panic you’ll open the view of the green but be careful of the slope, for the big hitters
can hit the green in two, but take three shots to get on the green which is protected by bunkers on the front left and middle right lay up hit the green is three close to the pin and push for your birdie to score good points.

Hole 3: Par 3, 183m, stroke 5

A downhill par 3 will test your iron play here as the tee box is elevated, check the distance and maybe club down just to be safe, keep the ball on the left hand side of the green but not too left as a bunker is waiting for your ball on the back left with a few trees that can mess around with your ball, as for the right side will a little pond in the front right and a bunker middle right could give you a bogey or worst. Try not to push it way right as the river stream will take your ball with red stakes. A solid par on the hole will make you really happy after that get birdie on the 2nd.

Hole 4: Par 4, 434m, stroke 1

Ah the stroke 1’s the most difficult hole on the first 9 of the 18 hole course, with water in front of the tee shot and all along the right with two bunkers on the right at the 150m markers will need your tee shot left of the bunkers for a nice 8iron into the green which is guarder but two bunkers on the front left and middle left with a big bunker on the front right, for the big hitters that can go over the bunkers beware of the trees on the right that is in the line of the green, keep left of the bunkers and try aiming middle of green to take a two put par on a tricky green.

Hole 5: Par 4, 376m stroke 13

This simple straight par 4 can make or break your round, with trees all along the right plus OB as well a solid straight shot will be needed here for birdie or par, you can either take driver or 3 wood of the tee box to set you up either 100 or 150m out for the approach shot to the small green with has bunkers on the front left and right, two good
shots are required for birdie or par but take your time in readying the green as it breaks towards the water.

Hole 6: Par 3, 169m, stroke 11

Another downhill par 3 which has bunkers at the back for the long hitters and water starting from the front left of the green and moves right around the back of the green (river stream) what ever you do don’t be long or otherwise it’s a 0 pointer for you. From the tee box be careful of the tree on the right which has been hit by a lot of the golf balls
try a cut or controlled fade from the box to hit the green and push for birdie but par will be just as well.

Hole 7: Par 5, 470m, stroke 15

The second par 5 on the first 9 will need great golf shots to get a birdie as the dogleg left with trees on the left which is protecting the 8th green could be trouble for a golfer that hooks the ball, aim right of the fairway in line with the 200m marker and the
big single tree but don’t hit to right as you’ll have the trees in the way of your second, before the 200m there are three bunkers two in the left and one on the right, get pass then and you can lay up once more. The slightly elevated green which is well guarded but a bunker right in front of the green and another one on the middle left, lay up attack the pin and push for another birdie.

Hole 8: Par 4, 381m, stroke 9

Another straight par four for the big hitters which can get it pass the 100m markers but for the average hitters should just pass the 150m mark bunker left of the maker which is in the rough, but if your in the short grass an 8 iron approach to the green will be needed, the green has bunkers left middle and two on the right one in front and the
other middle, try not the hook or push the drive aim just right of the bunker for the ball to roll on towards the green, if you hook it you could hit golfers coming up on the 7th and if you push it you could be in the thick rough and in the woods on the right.

Hole 9: Par 4, 410m, stroke 3

As the first 9 is coming to a close you’ll be eager to see what the back 9 is waiting for you, this dogleg right uphill will favour the pushers and the faders, aim for the 150m marker on the left side of the fairway so the ball will run down the slope to the middle of the fairway, don’t worry about the bunker on the near left it shouldn’t come into play, try not to push it way right as the rough and water could get you in trouble keep well left, the green has a bunker on the left and right front make sure of the iron you pick to attack the green but yet again keep left don’t go right as there is danger on the right, if it’s right you’ll have a blind shot to the green for your third shot which will lead to a bogey or double bogey, make par here and you’ve just finished a great first 9, pass the halfway house for a quick snack and drink and head off to the 10th.

Hole 10: Par 4, 413m, stroke 6

Now you’ve had something to nibble on and quench your thirst you’ll be ready for the back 9, with a downhill dogleg right to start you off, aim left again to let the ball roll right don’t go to far left or right as trees from tee to green are waiting to kill your round, at the
150m marker on the right is a bunker next to all the tree it’s there for a reason if you push you’ll be in the bunker so stay left, from the 150m it’s downhill to the small green which as a bunker on the left front and a down slope on the right front and around the back so don’t over shoot your shot either play short or hit green a par of bogey will be alright for this hole.

Hole 11: Par 3, 198m, stroke 2

It’s the start of our own Amen corner, pass the next three holes and you’ll be on your way for a great round, the next three holes could swallow you whole if you don’t focus. It might look like a down up hill par three but trust your distance and club and aim front of the green as there is a bunker back right of the green which shouldn’t bother you unless you hit long, this is the hardest green to putt on from the top or middle, rather putt uphill than down hill on the back 9. The golfers that hook the ball beware of the water on the left side.

Hole 12: Par 4, 332m, stroke 18

After a great par on the 11th this short sharp dogleg left will need even more focus than the last hole, my advice for you is take an long iron or 5 wood off the tee box to hit the ball middle of the fairway just on the bend to open the view of the hole, for the big hitters you can go over the trees towards the water in front of the green but be careful of the landing zone it could be hard on the day and your ball could be sleeping with the fishes so lay up as well, once your on the bend it should be a low iron approach to the green which has water in front and too the right, the green is very tricky although it’s an 18 it’s a difficult stroke 18. On the tee box don’t push it right towards the windmill as it could get in your way.

Hole 13: Par 3, 143m, stroke 10

It’s the last hole of amen corner and you should be either level or 1 over, before you tee off look left to see why we call it amen corner as it almost plays the same as Augusta, this slight down hill par 3 is covered with water all around and a bunker right at the back or the green, remember hit the green and putt up hill to save par as this green is similar to hole 11, take par and run.

Hole 14: Par 4, 339m, stroke16

After an intense three difficult holes you can relax a little and get ready for a few easy holes, this dogleg right is very drivable for the big hitters but make sure the people in front of you are off the green before trying to go for it, for the average hitters keep the ball left of the bunker at the 150m marker, your tee shot should pass the bunker and
150m leaving you a short iron in to the green with two bunkers on either side in the front, if you push your tee shot to the right your be in the trees, the water in the front won’t come into play.

Hole 15: Par 4, 388m, stroke 8

This is my hole that always kills my round with a tree next to the ladies tee box will cost the guys hitting the tree to buy a round of drinks for not passing the ladies tee box, this straight hole will always make you think what to hit, big hitters can go over water just pass the 150m markers and a 3 or 5 wood can be just short of the water leaving you
150m out to the green, I think this gets me the whole time as the wind will play tricks on you and the bunker on the right and the water pond on the left will make you think twice make sure of the club and stick to hit land by the 150m and half of the battle is won, now go over the water towards the green that has a bunker on the front right, taking a par or bogey will be okay for some alright points. Make sure your ball is on the left side of the green to make your putt easier.

Hole 16: Par 5, 493m, stroke 14

The beginning of the hole is a dogleg left but after the bend its straight, big hitters go over the trees if you can hit it high enough, but the rest aim for the 200m with a draw to get the ball pass the bend. Now all you need to do is go straight like the other par 5’s lay up and ram in the birdie, aim middle fairway for the second as the water on the
right could come into play, the green has bunkers left and right front and a small one at the back that shouldn’t come into play, play safe and grab that birdie for your score card.

Hole 17: Par 5, 547m, stroke 12

The longest par on the course will need three fantastic shots for a shot at birdie but par will be safer, with your tee shot going over the water and a bunker on the right by the 200m marker a easy draw will be needed, red stakes are all along the left from tee to green, hit center and hit your second just pass the bend for your third into the green
which has water in front and bunkers middle left and right aim middle green take the two putt and step quickly to the last. The big hitters can go pass the 200m marker with their tee shots and try go over the tree’s for your second BUT if your left over the trees you’ll be OB so go over with a slight fade to hit the green, Winter time will be the best to try this as Summer time the fairways are thicker and greener and you wont get the roll from your tee shot as you would like.

Hole 18: Par 4, 418m, stroke 4

As you step towards the last tee box you’ll look back and see a few more balls dropping into the water, you are more than welcome to say that back 9 is much harder than the first 9. Your tee shot will need to be a little to the right so the ball can roll back down to the left as the fairway slopes from tee to green, beware of the trees on the right and red
stakes on the left. You should be 150m out for your second, aim front of the green to leave yourself an up hill putt but be careful of the OB left and water next to the green and bunker at the back if you over hit your shot, making a par here will be a great feeling for yourself as you’ve just finished a great round on a difficult back 9. Now go grab that beer that has been waiting for you from the first tee shot.