Ermelo Golf Club

Hole 1: Men 338m Par 4 Stroke 13; Ladies 290m Par 4 Stroke 13. 

This short opening hole will temp you to pull driver from the box and go for the green but be careful of the hard landing zone before the green which could just get your ball a bad bounce and go out OB behind the green so think carefully before to whack your first shot, there is a bunker 150m out on the right hand side and one in front of the green on the left hand side, should be birdie or par on the card for this hole. 

Hole 2: Men 566m Par 5 Stroke 7; Ladies 480m Par 5 Stroke 7. 

This will be one of the hardest Par 5’s in a long time for any golfer, this hole dog legs to the right then to the left, you can hit driver over the trees but if it catches a bad bounce you’ll be in the water from the 200m to the front of the green, rather play short for the bunker on the right so that the ball can slope down away from the bunker to the left, then lay up to the right by the 100m to take aim on your third shot for the pin, if you play smart you should birdie the hole but watch out for the bunkers behind the green. 

Hole 3: Men 365m Par 4 Stroke 5; Ladies 330m Par 4 Stroke 5. 

This is a straight hole so it should be an easy birdie hole for all, but with a creek in front of the green which has a bunker on the right front and left middle around a small green you need to attack the green to make birdie here, make sure of the distance before you go for the green. 

Hole 4: Men 162m Par 3 Stroke 9; Ladies 130m Par 3 Stroke 9. 

This first par 3 will need a slight cut on your shot with two trees in the way and a small gap to go through them you will need to cut the ball a bit to bring it back on the elevated green that has a huge bunker on the left front, making par here wont be easy. 

Hole 5: Men 303 Par 4 Stroke 15; Ladies 285m Par 4 Stroke 17 

This NO_DRIVABLE hole will need a long iron to get you on the fairway, the green is well protected with trees and a creek running all along the left to the front of the green and around the green at the back where two bunkers await for your ball to enter, the creek also runs around to the next holes tee box so a long driver or wood your ball will be swimming with the fishes. Use and iron but don’t push asOBis also on the right. 

Hole 6: Men 178 Par 3 Stroke 11; Ladies 135 Par 3 Stroke 15 

A long par 3 will need a perfect tee shot to the green with two bunker on either side of the green and water on the left and ob on the right so aim of the game as everyone knows hit straight for the pin and putt for birdie. 

Hole 7: Men 408m Par 4 Stroke 1; Ladies 347m Par 4 Stroke 3 

This up hill sloping from right to left will need a huge drive if you want to go over the two bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway if you go left you’ll need to draw in your second shot to make the green which has a bunker on the front right a solid par will be in the bag if you hit the ball far. 

Hole 8: Men 496 Par 5 Stroke 17; Ladies 420m Par 5 Stroke 11

This par 5 should be a birdie par 5, its long it’s straight and there isn’t much danger on the hole with bunkers on the right in the fairway you’ll need to keep your ball left and with a shot going for the green you could hit it in two but bunkers left front a two at the back the best will be lay up and take a chip and putt for the birdie. 

Hole 9: Men 396 Par 4 Stroke 3; Ladies 349m Par 4 Stroke 1 

This dog leg right will need a huge drive over the trees to get you in a good position facing the hole the green has bunkers on either side and one at the back so par will be on the card when your done with the hole. So grab something to eat and drink and move to an interesting back nine. 

Hole 10: Men 344m Par 4 Stroke 14; Ladies 290 Par 4 Stroke 14 

This dog leg left has a blind site of the green, your plan on this hole is to go left of the bunker with a draw, to have an easy wedge in to the green with has a bunker on the left front but don’t go to left as your ball will roll down towards the tree and to get an up and down will be tricky. Look for a par here. 

Hole 11: Men 428m Par 4 Stroke 2; Ladies 380m Par 4 Stroke 2 

This long par 4 doesn’t play long with teeing off from the top and sending your ball down hill all the way to the green this should be an easy birdie hole with the green surrounded with bunkers front and back hit the green and push for the birdie. 

Hole 12: Men 443m Par 5 Stroke 12; Ladies 399m Par 5 Stroke 8

Dog leg left with a creek running from the box to and in front of the green with OB on the right I wouldn’t use driver here I’ll hit wood or long iron and lay up before the creek to chip and putt for birdie the bunker doesn’t come in play but could if you over cook your 3rd, going for it in two will be a tough ask but try it and see what happens. 

Hole 13: Men 354m Par 4 Stroke 16; Ladies 300m Par 4 Stroke 16 

This straight hole again will temp you to pull driver on the hole and go for the green but check theOBon the left with water as well keep it right and go for the green which has bunker front and back should be a par hole for all. 

Hole 14: Men 140m Par 3 Stroke 18; Ladies 126m Par 3 Stroke 18 

With the wind in the front an extra club might be needed for this hole aim for the middle and push for the birdie or par don’t hit the bunker front middle it could get you that drop shot that you didn’t want. 

Hole 15: Men 386m Par 4 Stroke 8; Ladies 330m Par 4 Stroke 6 

Another straight hole with OB on the left and trees on the right a straight drive is required for this hole as the wind will start blowing from left to right so aim a bit left for the wind to push it in the middle, the green has bunkers on the right and left of the hole it’s a small green so try hit the middle for a birdie or par. 

Hole 16: Men 196m Par 3 Stroke 6; Ladies 167m Par 3 Stroke 12 

The longest par 3 on the course with a bunker front left will need a perfect shot to keep the ball on the green or a short shot for the ball to run up on the green, par should be in the bag. 

Hole 17: Men 484m Par 5 Stroke 10; Ladies 410m Par 5 Stroke 10 

This down hill up hill par 5 will need to huge shots to get on the green which has bunkers on the left and right side of the green, but don’t slice it to much as the bush on the right will take your ball forever, aim left and let it come back in to the middle of the fairway your second shot up hill will need and extra club to get you on the green take birdie here and move over to the last hole. 

Hole 18: Men 417m Par 4 Stroke 4; Ladies 374m Par 4 Stroke 4 

With the club house and beer in sight you’ll have to wait for four shots to be played before heading to the bar for that ice cold beer with your name on it, this dog leg right down hill all the way will need a huge drive just left of the bunker in the fairway of you can go over the bunker, your second will need to be on target of the small green which has two bunkers on the left as the wind does push the ball towards then, four on the card will be a great finish to the round.

Now head off to the bar for that beer but add up your score first before you start drinking and don’t forget to put in your scores.